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Salon Changes After Re-Opening :

Dear Clients

As you may already be aware, hairdresser have been told they can re-open Saturday 4th July.

Please be patient with our salon if you cannot get an appointment straight away.

We are trying to be fair and offer appointments to those who were cancelled back in March.

Your stylist will be operating at around 50% of full capacity due to social distancing and health & safety constraints during this time, but the salon will be opening a shift working schedule 7 days a week until we have served our wonderful clients.

Regarding our " Book Now" and "Offers" :

If you're a new client to our salon please note our "Request Appointment" and "Offers" are closed until August 4th

We ask Clients to be on time, as appointments will need to be staggered to properly allow for sanitisation between visits and to ensure correct social distancing.

Naturally, clients will be asked to be mindful of their own capacity to pass on the virus.

There are no guidelines yet available, but the Government may ask for temperature testing to be introduced.

If you do have symptoms, or do feel unwell, please re-schedule your


Upon arriving at the salon we ask you to wait outside until your stylist invites you to enter the salon due to the social distancing laws.

Only the client with the appointment should visit the salon, no children or friends should accompany them.

Clients may also be required to wear masks. Masks and hand sanitiser will be available on entry.

Payment may be taken ahead of your appointment either by Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Or in salon: exact cash if possible or Cheque or Credit Card.

Please bear in mind there’s only one handbag allowed per client.

  • Please check below for stylist’s who accept credit cards.

Services may also cost around 8% more, due to the extra cost of the salon modifications and the PPE required.

Clients are advised to contact their hairdresser to discuss their hair requirements, as we may have to operate reduced services for the first few weeks.

The safest place to get your hair cut is in the salon. We are making our salon safe so you are safe.

Our team are looking forward to making you feel fabulous and glamorous, it’s just about doing it safely and hygienically, and ensuring that everyone feels confident coming into our salon.

To book your hair appointment: Contact your stylist directly as only they have their work schedule.

You can contact us by:
Facebook @ Hair Design Co
Instagram @

You may Phone or Text to book your appointment directly with your chosen stylist as only your stylist can book your hair appointment.
Michael 07795 485605 Accept c/c
Alison 07534 081331
Julie 07884 448775
Maria 07505 115067
Nic 07847 267751 Accept c/c

Or you can request an appointment via our website.

  • Your request is not valid until a hairdresser has validated your appointment by return email.

Please click on the link below.

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